At you’ll learn how to start (and finish) basic sewing projects. Check out our free sewing patterns and tips for sewing, and get started!

sewing supplies

Decorate a onesie for a baby shower gift! It's so easy, and so cute.

Make a cute needle keeper using trendy hexies and a button accent.

Being left-handed isn't always easy in the crafting world! See our list of fave products for the lefties.

Everyone who sews—from novice on— will appreciate a pincushion-topped canning jar that’s filled with tools that make hand and machine sewing easier.

Make an accurate fold and crisp fabric crease every time with a hem gauge.

Use no-sew fusible web to make quick appliqués that add style and personality to readymades. 

Use this chart to figure out what machine needle size you need for your current project!

Here’s a fact: If you sew, you will “unsew.” Simply put, sometimes it is necessary to remove a line of stitching. What you need to unsew is a sharp, good quality seam ripper. It is a must-have tool in your sewing kit; make friends with it.

The first step to success in sewing is threading a needle, which is not as simple as it sounds. Getting a thread end through the eye of a needle can be tricky. We show you easy tricks, so you can begin sewing.

When you’re standing at the great wall of notions in the store, how do you know which needle and thread to pick for your project? Here are four of the most common combinations, plus a few tips to help you decipher the product labels.


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