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color inspiration

  You don’t always need a cornucopia of colors in a project. Sometimes the most beautiful projects play on only a few colors in different shades and textures. Here a red looks bright and cheery against a variety of tans.

  Deep purple and orange mix beautifully together in this fall centerpiece. Add a light yellow and magenta to these colors to create a sewing project with vibrant highlights. For a clean look, include a neutral beige that echoes a patterned linen.  

Frigid temps call for warmer wear. But just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stick with dark colors. Spice up a winter project by combining bright yellows and aqua with dark blues. A brown print serves as a neutral to help balance the updated cold-weather colors.

Choosing fabrics for a project is as easy as decorating cookies: Simply pick your favorite colors and prints and combine them into something scrumptious. Like these kooky pumpkin cookies, fabrics can be eye-catching and fun.

Look no further than your favorite fall treat for project inspiration. The colors in this delectable brownie, for example, easily translate into fabrics. If you’re using a lot of the same colors in your project, make sure to choose a variety of prints so each fabric stands out. Pops of color are a nice treat!

For a project that evokes serenity, select warm hues, such as shades of blush, gold, and sage, that are calming. Keep prints subtle to avoid distracting the eye.

Balance bright oranges and yellows with dark greens and neutrals in a project that features all of fall's beautiful colors. Choose subtle prints that will add interest and movement without distracting from the autumn hues.    

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