At you’ll learn how to start (and finish) basic sewing projects. Check out our free sewing patterns and tips for sewing, and get started!

Sewing Basics

A casing is a hollow channel that holds elastic. It’s a quick way to cinch in and finish a skirt, shorts, or pant top without making a separate waistband. Learn how!

Learn how to sew a smooth, curved edge.

Clipping the seams is the trick for making the finished outer edges of a curve smooth and flat. Here’s how.

Sewing together two pieces of bias tape with a diagonal seam makes a sturdy seam that’s less bulky and less noticeable than a straight seam.  Here’s how.

Some sewing instructions may call for you to use a pattern. Here are some tips for making sure your shapes come out perfect every time!

There are special needles you'll need when sewing knits. Check our guide to four stitches that are perfect for hemming your next knit project!

There are two common machine throat plates. Find out which one you need for the stitches you're using.

When you're working with T-shirts, it's important to choose the right needle and thread to accomodate the stretchy fabric.

Pinning your fabric will save you time and ensure smooth sewing. See how to pin your projects.

One of the most important parts of sewing, (but also sometimes the trickiest to achieve) is sewing straight. Here are four easy tips to help you sew straighter!


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