At you’ll learn how to start (and finish) basic sewing projects. Check out our free sewing patterns and tips for sewing, and get started!

Make It Yours

Pom-poms are an easy way to add spunk to your next project! These fun-to-make embellishments are perfect for clothing, home decor, and gift toppers!

Tassels are the cutest accessory for your sewing projects! They're the perfect addition to bags, pillows, clothing, and more.

Customize a one-color purchased leash to suit the unique style of your pup.

This bulletin board is sure to make waves with its simple running-stitch border. Embroider the fabric, then attach it to a corkboard from an office supplies store.

To add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen, stitch these easy-to-embroider towels using just one stitch: the stem stitch (and we show you how).

Make two scarves from one store-bought scarf!

Spell out a holiday message on your mantel or a side table with favorite seasonal prints. 

Whip up a last-minute gift or adorn your own kitchen for the holidays with these festive embroidered napkins!

Store-bought recipe cards are instantly transformed into handemade gifts with a little sewing and a favorite recipe! 

For a quick hostess gift, add colorful designer ribbons to a store-bought tea towel. 


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