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Fabric & Color

One of the first design concepts to consider when making a quilt is contrast. Here are tips for adding contrast to your next project!

Opinions differ on whether it is a good idea to wash your projects. If you want to wash yours, consider these editor-approved soaps.

Learn to care for and clean your quilts, so they can be enjoyed for generations to come!

Caring for fabrics properly, both before and after they’re sewn into your project, can increase how long they last. Whether your sewing projects are stored for a long period of time or are periodically rotated on display, follow these guidelines to protect them from damage and keep them at their best.

Coloring books are so popular now, but did you know you can also color on fabric? Here are four coloring book fabrics to use in your sewing projects today.

See 10 creative ways for storing your fabrics. From putting your stash on display to hiding it behind closed doors, these ideas offer pretty (and cheap) ways to get organized.

Geometric shapes are making an exciting comeback in the fabric world. See 10 geometric fabrics to use in your sewing projects today.      

Flannel fabrics are perfect for keeping warm in the winter. See 10 flannel fabrics to use in your sewing projects today.      

Fall is the perfect time of year for woodland fabrics! See 10 woodland-theme fabrics to use in your sewing projects today.

Neon fabrics and threads are hot in home decor and clothing right now! Here are some of our fave blogger sewing DIYs that nailed the neon trend.


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