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Reversible Baby Banner

baby banner

Fabric is from the Celebration collection by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda Fabrics.


This baby banner is not only cute, but also multi-purpose! With coordinating fabric on both sides, you can have a boy banner or a girl banner whenever the occasion arises. Use it as a decoration for a baby shower or to adorn a little one's nursery!



  • 12--1/4 yard pieces of assorted fabrics (or 12 fat quarters)
  • 2--3-yard packages extra-wide (1/2"), double-fold white bias tape


Finished banner length (end to end): 18 ft.


baby banner



Cut Fabrics:

Cut pieces in the following order. The Scallop Patern is found in a downloadable PDF below.


From each assorted print, cut:

  • 4 of Scallop Pattern


Baby Banner Scallop Pattern


Tips for cutting Scallop Pattern:


1. Choose the two fabrics you want opposite each other on one reversible scallop (we chose one boy print and one girl print). Layer them on top of each other. Cut into quarters.

baby banner


2. Layer two cut assorted prints with right sides together. Pin the pattern on your fabric and cut out. (For a tutorial on pinning and cutting with templates, see here.)

baby banner


**Why we do this: Theoretically, all your scallop pattern pieces should be the same size. But we know that we can't cut the same way every time! By cutting the two layers for one scallop out at the same time, you'll ensure that both those pieces are the same shape so will sew together easier. 



Make Scallops:

1. Layer two assorted print scallop shapes with right sides together. Pin layers together. (See how to pin here.)

baby banner


2. Sew together pieces along curved edges using a 1/4" seam allowance; leave straight edge open. (See our tips for sewing along a curved edge here.)

baby banner


3. Clip seam allownaces along curved edges just up to the stitching line. (Get clipping tips here.)

baby banner


4. Turn right side out. Press flat to make a scallop.

baby banner


5. Repeat to make 24 scallops total.


Finish Banner:

1. Open up one fold of each length of double-fold bias tape.


2. Join bias tape together to make on long piece of tape. (See our tutorial here.)

baby banner


3. Leaving about 12" of tape free at each end, position scallops atop opened bias tape, leaving about 1" between scallops.

baby banner


4. Refold bias tape over top edges of scallops; pin.

baby banner


5, Beginning at one free end of bias tape, stitch to join bias tape edges and to hold scallops in place. Continue stitching to opposite free end of bias tape to complete banner. (We used black thread, so you could see easily. We suggest using a matching thread for a finished look!)

baby banner