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Rattle Baby Toy


baby toy

Rattle Baby Toy inspired by a design from Katie Hennagir of Katie Hennagir Designs


Use washable crafts felt and ribbon scraps to make a soft  and simple “rattle” to entertain baby. Black-and-white patterns are said to visually captivate the youngest of infants…try a zebra print or a houndstooth check with bits of ribbon and rickrack as trim.



  • 2—5x9" pieces black-and-white print crafts felt
  • 9—3"-long pieces ribbons and rickrack in red and black
  • Washable glue stick
  • Polyester fiberfill stuffing
  • Pencil with eraser


Finished toy: 4x8" excluding ribbon tags


Cut Fabric:

Download the pattern in a PDF below.


rattle pattern


From black-and-white print crafts felt, cut:

  • 2 of Rattle Pattern


baby toy


Assemble the Toy


baby toy


1. Apply glue to wrong-side of cut edges of a 3"-long ribbon or rickrack piece; fold piece in half and secure glued ends together to make a loop. Repeat with remaining ribbon and rickrack pieces.


baby toy

2. Pin loops to one rattle piece with cut ends of loops in.  


baby toy

3. Machine-stitch loops in place, stitching 1/8" from outer edges. (Need help sewing on a curve? We have tips here!)


baby toy

4. With wrong sides together, layer rattle piece with ribbon and rickrack loops and remaining rattle piece. Using short machine straight stitches, sew through all layers 1/4" from outer edges, leaving a 2" opening along one side of rattle for stuffing.


baby toy

5. Stuff with fiberfill. Use eraser end of pencil to push small tufts of fiberfill into rattle handle.



baby toy

6. Add another ribbon loop if needed and stitch opening closed to complete rattle.


baby toy