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Posh Pumpkins

Fabrics: Shannon Fabrics
Designer: Pat Wodskow of Cuddle Soft Quilt Kits


It’s pumpkin season! Use plush fabrics for a fall display to enjoy year after year. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still make these pumpkins. Use sturdy thread and a long gathering stitch to handsew around the outside of the circle shape.



  • 14" square plush fabric (large pumpkin), or 10" square (medium pumpkin), or 7" square (small pumpkin)
  • Crochet or other heavy-duty thread (to match plush fabric)
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Poly pellets (optional; available at crafts stores)
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • 2" to 4"-long tree branch (stem)
  • 10” to 15”-long piece brown paper-covered wire (vine)


Assemble a Pumpkin:

Follow these instructions to make one pumpkin.


1. Click on the PDF below for the patterns to make the pumpkins in three sizes. Use Pattern A to make a large pumpkin, Pattern B for a medium pumpkin, and Pattern C for a small pumpkin. Cut out template on drawn lines.


pumpkin patterns


2. Pin pattern to plush fabric and cut around the edges of Pattern A, B, or C.

TIP: Plush fabric “sheds” when cut. Keep a lint roller handy to pick up the “fluffies.”


3. Install a new needle and set your sewing machine for a wide and long zigzag stitch. Place fabric circle right side up. Cut a length of crochet thread the circumference of the fabric circle plus 6" (45" for large, 33" for medium, and 23" for small).


4. Starting with a 3" tail at one end, lay crochet thread around circle, 3/8" from edge. Zig-zag stitch over crochet thread, making sure thread is between zigzags. End zigzag stitching next to starting point. 


5. Gently pull crochet thread ends to gather fabric. 


6. Stuff with fiberfill to desired fullness. (For added weight and stability, add poly-pellets in the bottom, fiberfill at top. Pull crochet thread tightly and knot ends to make pumpkin body.


7. Following manufacturer’s instructions, place a quarter-size dollop of hot glue on top of pumpkin body. Insert tree branch in center of pumpkin through glue, hold branch until glue cools and branch stays in place. Add more glue if needed to secure branch.


8. Wrap 15" (12" for medium, 10" for small) piece of paper-covered wire around a pencil to make a vine. Referring to photo, wrap vine around branch to complete pumpkin.

TIP: For different sizes of pumpkins, use an assortment of dinner plates, instead of patterns, to create the circle templates.