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Make-It-Like-Magic Coaster

Fabric: Beach House by Kate Nelligan for Moda Fabrics


Make this coaster in just a few minutes from one square of fabric! The trick is all in how the square is folded before you stitch each seam.


Materials for One Coaster:


  • 6-1/2" square fabric
  • 4" square batting

Finished coaster: about 4-1/4" square



Assemble Coaster:


1. Fold fabric square in half with right side (printed side) together to make a rectangle. Sew across both ends of rectangle using a 1/4" seam.


2. Trim folded corners. Press seams open.


3. Fold in half to line up seam allowances of the open end. Pin in place.


4. Using a 1/4" seam, sew from trimmed corner toward center, stopping about halfway to seam, or about 1-1/2" from center. Repeat sewing from opposite corner to within 1-1/2" of center. 


5. Turn sewn piece to right side through 3" opening left unsewn in Step 4. Press flat.

TIP: Use the eraser end of a pencil on the inside of the coaster to gently push corners out.


6. Tuck the batting square inside through opening in seam; smooth batting flat. 


7. Hand sew opening in seam closed using a ladder stitch. See the video below for a how-to.


8. Topstitch coaster diagonally in an X using seam lines on back of coaster as a guide. Or, use a washable fabric marker to draw diagonal lines on top side of coaster before topstitching.