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Festive Hexagon Needle Keeper



Felt: Camelot Fabrics
Sizzix Fabi machine and hexagon dies (


Make a cute needle keeper using trendy hexies and a button accent. It's perfect for on-the-go sewing and embroidery projects.



  • Solid lime green felt
  • Red chevron print felt
  • Lime green star print felt
  • 3/4"-diameter button: white
  • 1/2"-diameter button red
  • White thread
  • Sizzix Fabi machine


Note: If you don't have a die-cutting machine, download our hexagon patterns at the link below. Then cut out and trace them onto felt the number of times indicated in Cut Fabrics.


hexagon patterns



Cut Fabrics:


Note: For more information on using a die-cutting machine, such as the Sizzix Fabi, see our blog here.


From solid lime green felt, cut:

  • 2 of large hexagon pattern [Sizzix hexagon die #659146 (2" sides)]
  • 1 of small hexagon pattern [Sizzix hexagon die #658317 (1" sides)]



From red chevron print felt, cut:

  • 1 of medium hexagon pattern [Sizzix hexagon die #659144 (1-1/2" sides)]


From lime green star print felt, cut:

  • 2 of large hexagon pattern





Assemble the Needle Keeper:


1. Center and layer small solid lime green hexagon on right side of medium red chevron print hexagon.


2. Using contrasting thread (we used white), stitch through both layers 1/8" from outer edges of small lime green hexagon, backstitching where beginning and ending of stitching meet.


3. Center and layer Step 2 hexagon unit right side up on right side of a large lime green star print hexagon.


4. Using contrasting thread, stitch 1/8" from all outer edges of red print medium hexagon backstitching where beginning and ending of stitching meet.



5. Using contrasting thread, stitch 1/8" from outer edge of five of the six sides of lime green print large hexagon, leaving 3" thread tails at beginning and end of stitching; do not backstitch. (We showed the stitched lines with a black line in the photo above.)

6. Turn Step 5 unit to wrong side. Pick up one bobbin thread and gently pull to bring loop of top thread to back side.



TIP: Use a needle or pin to catch loop of top stitches; gently pull top threads to back side. 



7. Tie loose threads in a knot on back of Step 5 unit. Trim thread ends to make needle keeper top.


8. Repeat with remaining bobbin and top thread.


9. Place remaining large lime green star print hexagon right side down on a flat surface. Layer the solid lime green large hexagons and needle keeper top, right side up.

10. Pin the layers together at opposite edges.

11. Stitch layers together along remaining (unstitched) edge of needle keeper, shown above with a black line.


12. Layer 1/2"-diameter button and 3/4"-diameter button; center layered buttons on needle keeper top. Using six strands of thread, sew buttons in place. Bring thread ends to top of button stack; tie thread ends in a square knot and trim to complete needle keeper.