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Cute Baby Bib


baby bib


Fabrics are from the Don’t Be Afraid collection by Northcott.



Perfect for a baby shower gift or for your own little one, this bib is easy to make out of your favorite fabrics.



Materials for One Bib:

  • 9x11" rectangle print (bib front)
  • 9x11" rectangle coordinating print (bib back)
  • 9x11" rectangle thin cotton batting or flannel (bib lining)
  • 1" square hook-and-loop tape


Finished bib: 8-1⁄2x10-1⁄4"

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.



Cut Fabrics:

The two-piece Bib Pattern is found in the downloadable PDF at bottom of this blog entry. To make a complete pattern, print out the PDF and trace the two pattern pieces on paper. Cut out on solid outer lines, and tape pieces together, matching dots.

baby bib


From bib front print, bib back print, and bib lining, cut:           

  • 1 Bib Pattern each


baby bib



Assemble Bib:


baby bib

1. Layer bib back and bib front with right sides together. Top layered pieces with bib lining.


baby bib   baby bib

2. Sew around edges, leaving a 4" opening along one edge for turning. 


baby bib

3. Referring to Clipping Diagram, along curved edges clip into the seam allowances just up to the stitching lines. 


baby bib

4. Turn right side out through opening. Turn raw edges under (inside), press flat, and hand-stitch opening closed. 


baby bib baby bib


5. Referring to the marks indicated on Bib Pattern, sew the hook piece of hook-and-loop tape to bib front and loop piece to bib back to complete bib.


baby bib pattern