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Classic Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf



Infinity scarves are the perfect accessory! They can act as a warmer on chilly days, can dress up even the most casual of clothes, and are a burst of color and interest to a favorite outfit. Plus, they're easy to pull off--simply place the circle scarf around your neck and walk out the door with no fuss or styling. Make your own infinity scarf from any fabric material you'd like. (We made this scarf from an old pillowcase!)



1--40x25" piece of fabric (if you want a longer scarf or one that can be wrapped multiple times, add length to your measurements)


Finished scarf: 36x24" circumference 


Assemble the Scarf:


infinity scarf  infinity scarf


1. Lay fabric wrong side up (unpatterned side up). Press one short side of the fabric under 1/2"; pin in place. Using 1/4" seam allowance, sew the short end in place. Repeat on the opposite short side. This will prevent the ends from fraying.


infinity scarf


2. Fold the fabric in half so long edges touch with right sides facing (pattern inside); pin in place. Sew the pinned length together using 1/4" seam allowance. You should now have a long tube. Turn the tube inside out, so the pattern is on the outside.


infinity scarf

3. Fold the fabric tube in half so short ends are touching. Situate the tube so that the bottom sticks out 1/2" more than the top.


infinity scarf

4. Fold the bottom fabric up so it overlaps the top fabric. Press it, then pin on the sides to hold it in place. You should have 1/2" overlapping fabric. When you pick the fabric up, it should form a complete circle. Sew the pinned length using 1/4" seam allowance. Make sure you keep the rest of the scarf out of the way while sewing, so you don't sew the seam to the opposite end of the scarf.


infinity scarf

5. Turn the scarf inside out, so the seam you just made is on the inside. Your scarf is done!


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