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Bloom Banner


Make a happy spring banner using bright felt, embroidery accents, and a sweet pom-pom! It's a perfect door hanger or new decoration for your porch.



Stay tuned! A summer banner is coming in June!




  • 12" square brown crafts felt
  • 9x12" rectangle yellow crafts felt
  • Scraps of pink crafts felt
  • Water-soluble marking pen
  • Fabric glue (such as Aleene's Fabric Fusion)
  • Pink pearl cotton or embroidery floss
  • Pink yarn
  • 12"-long, 1/2"-diameter wood dowel
  • Clover Pom-Pom Maker (optional)
  • "BLOOM." pattern (download it below)


bloom pattern



Cut Fabrics:



1. Using a water-soluble marking pen, mark the bottom center point and 5-1/4" from the bottom on both edges of the brown crafts felt.



2. Cut from the center point to both marked side points to form a banner shape.





3. Using a water-soluble marking pen, mark the top edge center point, 1" from the top edge on both sides, and 3-1/2" from the top center point of the yellow crafts felt.



4. Cut from the 3-1/2" center point to both marked 1" side points to form top of the banner.



5. Download and print the "BLOOM." pattern (found above). Cut out each shape and trace onto pink felt using water-soluable marking pen. Cut out each felt shape (we left the holes in the B and O's filled in for a modern look).



Assemble the Banner:


1. Using fabric glue, adhere the yellow banner top to the brown banner shape. Adhere the "BLOOM." message to the banner center approximately 4-1/2" from the top and 1-1/2" from both side edges. Allow to dry.



2. Using pink pearl cotton, sew a long running stitch 1/8" from the bottom edge of the yellow banner top.



3. Using a Clover Pom-Pom Maker or our tutorial here and pink yarn, make an approximately 2"-wide pom-pom. Don't trim the long tails.


4. Cut an 18" length of pink yarn. Tie yarn to each end of the wood dowel to make hanger.


5. Using pink pearl cotton and sewing through all layers, stitch loops around wood dowel at both top ends and the top center edge of the banner to attach the banner to the hanger.


6. Tie the pom-pom to the hanging yarn to finish the banner.