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"Why Didn't I Think of That?" Storage Ideas

Get organized fast with simple storage ideas using items you probably have around your home already! (If not, a quick trip to a home store is in your future.) Your sewing supplies will be organized, but still in reach for when you sew.



A spinning organizer stores scissors, cutters, marking tools, and other small items in a contained (but accessible) space.



Pegboard looks nicer when painted to match your decor and framed with wood trim. Use it to keep rulers and acrylic templates at your fingertips.


Cookie jars are the perfect size for storing spools of thread, buttons, ribbons, and more. Clear jars and printed labels let you easily see what's inside each jar. If you want a more uniform look, buy painted jars in a color that match your decor.


Look at a storage piece from another angle. Upend a cubbyhole unit so its openings are on the top instead of the side. Then fill it with tall rolls of interfacing, freezer paper, and fusibles.


Kitchen storage gadgets, such as this hook-filled rod, often work well in the sewing room, too. Make your own with S hooks and a curtain rod to keep cutting tools in line.


A spice rack with empty spice jars can help organize buttons by color or size. Not only is it a convenient way to store small embellishemtns, but it looks pretty on your sewing table!



Inexpensive containers purchased in bulk at a dollar store turn a drawer into a perfect place to sort tiny sewing notions.


Unwind yarn or ribbon with ease by stashing the rolls in an empty sugar dispenser and threading the ends through the hole in the lid.



Use a flatware divider to store often-used items next to your sewing machine. They'll always be in reach, but won't roll off the table. 


Keep track of smaller templates and specialty rulers with a large D-ring binder and zippered see-through pockets.



Embroidery floss is pretty! Display them in a bowl on your sewing table for easy access and a cute display. A wood bowl, like in this picture, gives a homey and warm look. Choose a bowl to match your decor.