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Two Tips to Make Threading a Sewing Machine Easier


Threading a sewing machine may seem easy enough. You simply open the machine manual and follow the thread path described, right? Some machines even are marked with a series of numbers indicating the order and direction the thread should run.


There are, however, a couple of pitfalls that can prevent success if you don’t know two simple things: how to keep your thread properly situated in the tension discs and how to turn the handwheel to more easily access the take-up lever.


Watch this quick video to learn what you need to know. You’ll discover where the tension discs are and what they do, and you’ll learn how the handwheel and take-up lever interact. Armed with this info, threading your machine correctly will be much easier. 




See, that was simple! Now you know to keep the presser foot up when threading your machine and to turn the handwheel until you get the take-up lever in the highest position possible. You’re no doubt ready to thread your machine!


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