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Sew a Simple Double-Fold Hem


double-fold hem

Designer: Lori Miller from Goodsmiths’ The Good Weekly


A double-fold hem is a great method to learn. It involves folding the raw edge of the fabric under and sewing it in place to ensure a clean and neat finish to your projects!



Sewing machine



Sewing measuring tape or measuring gauge

Item to be hemmed



Sew a Double-Fold Hem:


double-fold hem

1. Fold the material over 1/2 inch with wrong sides together.

**Note: For this example, we are working with a 1/2- inch double hem. You can change the size to whatever you need.


double-fold hem

2. Fold it over 1/2 inch again to encase the raw edge inside of the hem; pin in place.


double-fold hem   double-fold hem

3. Sew the hem about 1/8 inch from the folded edge of the fabric. Backstitch one or two stitches at each end to secure the threads. Pull out  pins as you go, so you don’t sew over them.


double-fold hem

4. Trim your threads.


double-fold hem

5. Iron the hem flat.


double-fold hem

Here is what the top of the hem will look like.


About the designer:

Lori Miller is a community blogger for The Good Weekly, sponsored by Goodsmiths, the Marketplace for Makers. She loves to share information and patterns on sewing, crochet, and quilting. She is also the owner of Lori Miller Designs, a Goodsmiths shop providing handmade sewn gifts. Lori resides in Troy, Michigan with her husband Chas, son Colin, and two fat cats.