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Fuse Fleece to Fabric

Fusible fleece is a good choice when you want to add body and softness to fabric, especially those used for pillows, bags, and totes. Fusible polyester fleece has adhesive on one side (or occasionally both sides) eliminating the need for basting. Fusible fleece is available by the yard or packaged to fit standard bed sizes.


To use one-sided fusible fleece, follow these steps.


fusible fleece

Lay the fusible fleece adhesive-side up on an ironing surface. (The adhesive side feels a bit stiffer and tackier than the non-adhesive side.)

fusible fleece
Lay the fabric you want to fuse right side up atop the fusible fleece.


fusible fleece

Following manufacturer’s instructions, use your iron to create a stable, even bond between fabric and fleece.


fusible fleece

Sew with the fused fabric as if it were a single layer of fabric.