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Two-From-One Scarves


Make two scarves from one! We bought a big, lightweight shawl (44x70"); great size for a wrap, but too big and bulky for comfortable wear as a scarf. With a slice of the scissors and a seam or two, we made two scarves–a muffler and infinity scarf.



  • 44x70" purchased scarf



Make Muffler-Style Scarf:

1. Fold scarf in half lengthwise to make a 22x70" rectangle.

2. Cut scarf along fold to make two 22x70" rectangles.


3. With right side (patterned side) inside, fold one rectangle in half lengthwise to make an 11x70" rectangle.


4. Set machine for a narrow zigzag stitch: 1.0–1.5 width, 1.8–2.0 length. Sew together long edges of rectangle to make a tube using a 1/2" seam allowance.


5. Trim tube seam allowance close to (but not into) zigzag stitching. Press seam flat. 


6. Turn tube to right side, center seam, and press to complete a muffler-style scarf.


Make Infinity Scarf:

1. Repeat Make a Muffler-Style Scarf, steps 1–6, to make a tube.


2. Trim off hem close to one tube end; repeat at opposite end of tube.


3. With right sides of tube ends facing, match seam allowances and pin tube ends together.



4. Using narrow zigzag stitch and a 1/2" seam allowance, sew tube ends together, leaving a 4" opening.


5. Trim seam allowance to 1/4".


6. Pin opening closed.


7. Whipstitch opening closed to complete an infinity scarf.