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Merry Embroidered Napkins

embroidered napkin

Whip up a last-minute gift or adorn your own kitchen for the holidays with these festive embroidered napkins!


Materials for One Napkin:

  • 12"-square linen napkin
  • Embroidery floss: red
  • Embroidery needle
  • Red fine-tip permanent marking pen


Trace the Design:

1. Download the embroidery patterns in the PDF at the end of this blog. Besides the 6 patterns shown above, there are four extra patterns included! 

2. Choose an embroidery pattern and decide where on the napkin you want to position it. Consider placing designs in one corner, all four corners, or centered along a napkin edge.

3. Tape chosen embroidery pattern to a light box or sunny window. Position a napkin right side up over the pattern; tape in place. Trace the pattern onto napkin with a red fine-tip marking pen.


Embroider the Napkin:

Use two strands of embroidery floss for all stitches. For instructions for all stitches, see this blog.

1. Embroider the outline of the design with a backstitch. 

2. If desired, add a border of running stitches just inside the hem.

3. Add French knots to the snowman and “Believe” designs.

4. Press the napkin from the wrong side when the embroidery is complete.


napkin embroidery patterns