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Flower Headband

flower headband

Fabric is from the Simple Charm collection by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics



Make any store-bought headband match your style with an easy fabric rosette. A scrap of fabric and a few stitches later and you'll be rocking a fashionable (and one-of-a-kind) accessory. 



  • 3-1/2×13" piece of fabric


Finished rosette: 2"


Make Rosette:


1. Using thread that matches your fabric, sew a long running stitch along a short fabric edge. Leaving thread in needle, pull running stitch to gather edge.

flower headband


flower headband


2. Holding gathered end against a solid surface, lightly twist fabric.

flower headband


3. Wrap twisted strip around and fold over gathered end to make front of rosette center.

flower headband


4. On back of rosette center, sew fold in place, making sure stitches do not appear on front.

flower headband


5. Continue twisting and wrapping fabric strip around rosette center, sewing in place at each turn, until only a 1" tail remains.

flower headband


6. Sew tail to back to complete rosette.

7. Using hot glue, attach the rosette to the headband.



More Ideas for Using Rosettes:

Now that you know how to make fabric rosettes, use them to embellish other items in your home and wardrobe.



  • Adorn a lampshade rim
  • Top wood or fabric napkin rings
  • Arrange a cluster on a picture frame
  • Jazz up a purchased tea towel
  • Adhere to a magnet or flathead tack
  • Group on a plain pillow



  • Stitch multiples to a length of ribbon to fashion a necklace, bracelet, or belt
  • Embellish the collar of a crew-neck T-shirt
  • Attach to a pin back to make a brooch that can be worn on a coat lapel or  pinned on a purchased or handmade tote bag