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Reversible Winter Scarf



Fabrics: Izzy collection by Ann Kelle from Robert Kaufman Fabrics for Shannon Fabrics and the Cuddle Dimple collection by Shannon Fabrics


Designer: Denise Knapp from Whimsy Couture™



Pick two of your favorite fabrics for a warm scarf that will last the seasons! 





  • 2-- 5x58" strips (see sizing chart below for different lengths)
  • Regular needle or stretch/knit needle

Seam allowance: 3/8" unless stated otherwise


See the sizing chart below to cut your piece lengths:

  • Toddler-size 5t--38"
  • Size 6-size 12--48"
  • Teen- Adult--58"


TIP: Pretreat your Cuddle fabric to prevent too much fuzz and lint, and let your cuddle strips take a spin in the dryer with a damp towel for about 10 minutes. This will remove all excess fibers.




Assemble the Scarf:



1. Place two strips with right sides (printed sides) together and pin every 3/4 inch. This will help keep the material from shifting. 





2. Sew all around the edge leaving a 6" opening for turning. Backstitch the beginning and end of your stitches. 


3. Turn scarf right side out. Fold in the opening edges and pin, then sew the opening closed. Backstitch beginning and end.




About the designer: 



Whimsy Couture is a home-based business that designs and makes PDF sewing patterns for girls clothing and more. The pattern designs are vintage inspired with a touch of a modern feel.



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Shannon Fabrics is the premier destination for all types of plush fabrics and is making the world a softer place. Shannon Fabrics imports and distributes many types of fabric which include: fabulous faux furs, snuggly cuddle fabrics, and super soft silky satins. With its signature "Cuddle" line, Shannon Fabrics has become a household name.


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