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Heartfelt (and Handmade) Cards for Valentine's Day

A little stitching can add lovely accents to handmade and store-bought cards! See our ideas for decorating Valentine's Day cards with your sewing machine, ribbon stash, and fabric scraps!




For this card, sketch a heart and machine-stitch over it several times. Fill the center with a paper heart. Add decorative gems and a stamped message.




Make a valentine that's both subtle and sophisticated by stitching around layered gray cardstock blocks. Trim around the card's sides with decorative-edge scissors, and finish the Valentine's Day card with pretty ribbon, rickrack, and paper trims.




Fold patterned-paper rectangles in half and cut out simple symmetrical hearts. Stitch along the folds to secure the hearts to the card. Add a sticker message and ribbon accent. 




A tiny stamped phrase and cute-as-can-be punched paper hearts make a quick Valentine's card. Stitch a matching heart to the envelope and add decorative paper trim for a special accent.




Tell your valentine that you have the hots for them with this clever candy card. Attach a square of notebook paper to the middle of a square card. Cut the words "you're hot" from a magazine or newspaper page and glue them to a circle punched from white paper. Attach the embellished circle to the notebook paper. Place cinnamon-flavored candy pieces on the notebook paper square and cover with a thin plastic sheet. Topstitch the plastic to the card with red thread, overlapping stitches.