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A+ Apples for Teacher

Fabric: Cuddle Cakes Very Vibrant Dimple precut fabric from Shannon Fabrics


Perfect for teacher gifts or fall decor, these apples are quick to stitch and look good enough to eat!




  • 10" square red plush fabric
  • Apple and leaf patterns (see download button below)
  • Red hand-quilting thread
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Wrap n' Fuse Piping or a length of rope
  • Scrap of brown fabric
  • Scrap of green crafts felt
  • Hot glue


Apple and Leaf pattern



Assemble the Apple:


1. Download and print the Apple Pattern (found above). Pin it to the red plush fabric and cut around the circle shape. (Learn more about pinning and cutting with a pattern here.)


2. Using a double-length of thicker thread (such as hand-quilting thread), take small, evenly spaced running stitches approximately 1/2" from the edge of the fabric. (See how to do a running stitch here.)


3. End your stitching next to the starting point; do not cut thread. Gently pull thread ends to gather fabric into an apple shape.


4. Stuff the apple with polyester fiberfill to give it shape. Pull the thread ends tight and tie into a knot.


5. Cut a scrap of brown fabric into a 2-1/2" square. Wrap the brown fabric around a 2-1/2"-long piece of Wrap n' Fuse Piping. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse the fabric to the piping with an iron. Trim away excess fabric to form the stem.


Note: If you're using rope instead of Wrap n' Fuse Piping, use hot glue to secure the brown fabric to the rope.


6. Download and print the Leaf Pattern (found above). Trace around it on green crafts felt and cut out.



7. Position the stem and leaf into the small opening of the apple and hot glue all pieces in place.