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Patchwork Coasters

Fabrics: Mount Snow by Dear Stella


Two-color patchwork coasters may be easy to make, but have big impact in your kitchen!


Materials for One Coaster

  • 2 -- 2-1/2" squares of dark fabric
  • 2 -- 2-1/2" squares of light fabric
  • 1 -- 4-1/2" square of contrasting fabric


Finished coaster: 4" square


Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated. 



Assemble the Coaster



1. Layer one dark 2-1/2" square and one light 2-1/2" square with right sides together. Sew together along one edge to make a pieced unit.


2. Repeat Step 1 with the remaining 2-1/2" squares.


3. Press seams toward the darker fabric. 



4. Layer the two pieced units with right sides together. Make sure the light square is on top of the dark square.


5. Nestle the seams together; pin. The seams will nestle against each other, which helps the patchwork unit align perfectly. 



6. Sew along pinned edge. Open patchwork unit and press seam in one direction.



7. Layer the patchwork unit and the 4-1/2" square with right sides together; pin. 


8. Sew around the edges of squares, leaving a 2" opening on one side edge for turning.


TIP: To turn the corners easily, stop stitching when you are 1/4" from the end of a seam, leaving needle down in fabric. Lift machine's presser foot and turn fabric 90 degrees. Lower presser foot to sewing position and continue sewing.



9. Clip the corners to reduce bulk. Make sure not to clip the stitches.


10. Turn unit right side out. Push the corners out using eraser end of a pencil. Fold the side opening into the coaster matching 1/4" seam allowance; press flat. Sew opening closed using a ladder stitch (see how to here) to complete a patchwork coaster.



11. If desired, add decorative stitching. See our four examples stitched with black thread (above).



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