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How to Make a Fabric Yo-Yo

fabric yo-yo


A yo-yo is a circle of fabric that has the edge turned under and secured with a running stitch to make a three-dimensional circle. Because they are sewn by hand, yo-yos are great portable sewing project. 



Materials for One Yo-Yo

  • 1 circle of fabric (download our circle pattern below)


Finished yo-yo: Diameter will be half the size as your original circle



fabric yo-yo



Assemble Yo-Yo


fabric yo-yo

1. Fold under 1/4" of fabric circle. Thread a hand-sewing needle with sturdy, 100% cotton thread and knot the end of it. Use an evenly-spaced running stitch around the edge of the yo-yo—bigger stitches are better than smaller ones because they allow the fabric to gather a little more.


fabric yo-yo

2. End your stitching just next to the starting point; don't cut the thread.


3. Gently pull the thread end to gather the folded edge until it forms a gathered circle. The right side of the fabric will develop soft pleats as you gather the edge. Take a small stitch to hold the gathers in place, then knot your fabric and cut off the thread end to make yo-yo.



Watch our step-by-step video for making a fabric yo-yo here: