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Glad Tie-dings Wreath


Christmas wreath


Bring Christmas cheer to your door this season with a no-sew wreath. Use fabric scraps or favorite prints to whip up a custom wreath in 30 minutes!




Embroidery hoop or wire wreath frame (we used an 8" embroidery hoop)

Assorted fabric in coordinating colors



Christmas wreath


Cut Fabrics:

From assorted fabric, cut:

  • Enough 1"-wide strips 6"-8" long to cover entire wreath



Assemble Wreath:


Christmas Wreath


1. Tie a 1"-wide fabric strip onto the embroidery hoop or wire wreath frame. Pull knot tight. Adjust so right side of fabric faces out.

2. In the same manner, add additional strips until entire wreath has been covered.

3. If desired, thread a length of ribbon on the top of the wreath to hang.