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Cuddly Winter Scarf

winter scarf

Fabrics: Cuddle Dimple from the Kozy Cuddle collection from Shannon Fabrics


Scarves are the must-have accessory that look great on anyone! Customize the look of an infinity scarf by choosing the perfect print for each person on your list. 



  • 1--14x55" rectangle of fabric


Assemble the Scarf:


winter scarf

1. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise with right sides (printed sides) together; pin in place.


winter scarf

2. Sew along the pinned long edge of the rectangle to make a tube. If you're using plush fabric like we are, see below for how to sew on plush.


winter scarf

3. Turn the tube right side out. 


winter scarf

4. Pick up one end of the tube and flip it over, creating a twist. 


winter scarf

5. Fold the tube in half by turning one end wrong side out and pulling it over the opposite end until the short ends are aligned. 


winter scarf

6. Sew around the short ends, leaving a 4" opening for turning.


7. Turn the scarf right side out through the opening. Hand-sew the opening closed. Wear it hanging down as an accen to your outfit or wrap it around your neck twice to keep warm!


winter scarf



Tips for Working with Plush Fabric:

1. Plush fabric "sheds" when cut. Keep a lint roller handy. Machine-dry the piece to remove the "fluffies."

2. Use a walking foot to prevent the fabric from slipping as you sew straight lines. Walking feet come as attachments on your machine. Reference your machine's manual for how to install it.

3. Use a new needle. Use a stitch length from 3.0 to 3.5 millimeters to keep the seams from puckering.