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10 Genius Ways to Store Your Fabric Stash

Whether you have a large stash of fabric or just a little favorite yardage, organizing and storing it is always a struggle! See 10 creative ways for storing your fabrics. From putting your stash on display to hiding it behind closed doors, these ideas offer pretty (and cheap) ways to get organized.



1. Dresser drawers make perfect fabric storage (especially for folded fat quarters). Designate each drawer with a color, so you can quickly find what you're looking for.



2. Canvas boxes (available at most home stores) corral fabric neatly and look uniform on a shelf. Pin a ribbon on the front of each box to denote which color fabric is inside each box. 



3. Need a fast way to store fabric? Plastic tubs are the fabric storage of choice for many sewers. To avoid sunlight damage, keep your stash behind closed doors.



4. A basic serving tray (you can find inexpensive wooden ones at your local crafts store) makes transporation of works-in-progress easy. Use them to corral cut pieces and easily transport them between your cutting surface, ironing board, and sewing machine.



5. Bankers boxes (available at office supply stores) provide heavy-duty storage for your fabric. They're stackable and have space to label the contents of each box, making storage fast and functional.



6. Store colorful items like yo-yos, leftover binding, hexagons, ribbon, and small scraps in clear glass jars. Not only can you easily see the items in each jar, but they make a pretty arrangement when grouped on a shelf.




7. Share your sewing space with other people? Hide fabrics under a table covered with a cloth to keep supplies hidden, but still accessible. Overlap the edges of the tablecloth in front, so you can easily lift up the curtain and grab what you need. 



8. Organize precut fabrics by color or collection using clear photo boxes. Hide them behind doors or buy boxes with a tint to them for colorful storage.



9. If you work on lots of projects at once, store all of the pieces for each work-in-progress in large plastic bags and put those bags in large plastic boxes. A label on the front helps you easily see what projects it contains.



10. Custom-built shelving in a closet allows you to maximize space for storing more fabric. Sort it by color to easily find the pieces you need. When you're done sewing, close the closet doors to keep clutter hidden.